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Cosmetic teeth straightening focuses on moving the teeth visible in your smile line - usually your front 6 to 8 teeth. As the name suggests, this treatment is a cosmetic treatment rather than orthodontic treatment. It won't correct any problems you have with the jaw alignment or bite, and therefore may not be suitable for all patients. We will invite you in for an initial consultation with our Newcastle dentists to establish your individual needs and recommend the best options for a straightening solution for you.

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Quick Straight Teeth

Quick Straight Teeth is a new invisible orthodontic system that allows you to straighten your teeth very discretely and quickly.

What makes quick straight teeth so different from other invisible braces?

When you decide to go with Quick Straight Teeth you will be choosing the Quick Straight Teeth Programme that unlike other invisible braces, the treatment can use a single appliance or a combination of appliances from the highly developed Q (5 available) teeth straightening range.

Why would I choose the quick straight teeth programme?

The Quick Straight Teeth Programme has been developed for:

  • Fast excellent results seen in 4-16 weeks
  • Virtually invisible clear comfortable removable trays
  • Treats patients at any age
  • Minimal impact on speech/dietary restrictions
  • Staged gentle movements that easily fit into your lifestyle
  • Excellent value for money!

Quick straight teeth appliances

Quick Straight Teeth has designed and developed 5 unique clear and invisible teeth straightening appliances

The Q100 is an individually crafted invisible/clear removable tray which will gently move the teeth into a more aligned position.

The Q200 is a invisible/clear removable appliance that uses a clear elastic powerchain to apply a gentle force to move the front teeth.

The Q500 is the most popular appliance from the Quick Straight Teeth range. All the best bits from the range available has been put into this appliance. A Q spring (which is the worlds first fully enclosed spring) has been added to the appliance to provide the force needed to move the front teeth into a forward aligned position.

The Q500 appliance allows for much quicker movements than a series of clear aligners would deliver. The clear/invisible elastic power-chain will gently pull the front teeth back into position.

The Q300 is a hybrid of the Q500 and has been designed to give the patient more choice to the range of appliances. The Q300 uses an Adams clasp for retention that provides clinicians with an alternative option (to not cover the occlusal surfaces of the teeth).

The Q400 is also a hybrid of the Q500 and has the added feature of molar bands for retention (and has been specifically designed for patients who want the benefits of the Q500 but there has been a compliance issue identified).

After all teeth straightening treatments it is an important aspect to maintain the results with a retainer. The Q retainer has been designed to work with a bonded retainer and provides extra strength down the patients midline.

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